Making Your Mark

There is a need for us, as social beings no matter what age or ability to reaffirm ourselves and to communicate with others. It is generally accepted in our society that people who make their creative mark (whatever or however that be) are considered healthy individuals.

The Thumbprint slogan, 'arts for health and well-being' promotes the opportunities available within an arts-based therapeutic relationship. The act of creating art is therapeutic within itself. Within a therapeutic relationship, the arts are used to facilitate change, growth and/or maintain health and well-being.

Experiencing the creative process within a therapeutic relationship

The creative process is central to the experience of the creative arts. The agreed upon structures that contain the creative process are what distinguishes arts therapy from art classes and are what allow for therapeutic change and growth within creative arts therapy sessions.

Ethical Considerations

Whilst therapeutic aims may differ when meeting the diversity of client needs, informed consent to engage in therapeutic activities should underlie all therapeutic relationships. Clients have ethical and legal rights to information about the nature and potential results of all therapeutic services.

Thumbprint offers a multi-modal, client-centred approach. Thumbprint believes that providing full information about its service empowers clients and protects their autonomy. Such information is disclosed when therapy is initiated and throughout the creative/therapeutic process when feasible.


Thumbprint has been involved in a number of different creative projects. These projects are showcased below.

Arts in Mind 2011
Using Creative Arts Therapy with the Recovery Model in Mental Health.

For 9 months, members of the Mental Illness Fellowship North QLD and Ozcare Mackay came together to explore a number of expressive activities. Products of these activities were exhibited during Mental Health Week at Mackay's Town Hall. The project aim was to integrate people living with mental illness into the greater community while raising awareness and challenging the stigma of mental illness.

Will Paris Find Love?
Using Creative Arts Therapy at Yooralla.

This film was based upon stories from the actors themselves. The creative use of play, drama and storytelling challenged and inspired the actors throughout the filmmaking process.

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