Welcome to Thumbprint

Thumbprint is a service that offers creative arts therapy/arts-based intervention programs for individuals and groups in Hobart, Tasmania. Unlike traditional forms of therapy, creative arts therapy (CAT) uses the creative arts as a form of therapy. Self-expression and creativity are the focus of arts-based therapeutic sessions where the creative products and processes are given equal emphasis. Thumbprint promotes health, communication and expression by using the arts to facilitate change and growth.

CAT is used in a variety of settings within mental health, allied health, human services and education. CAT is a relatively new field in Australia; however, humans have known the benefits of art making for centuries.

Thumbprint's Mission Statement:

To provide a service that encourages creative self-expression in a safe and supportive environment.

'Arts for health and well-being' promotes the health benefits of art making. We all possess a human need to reaffirm ourselves and communicate with others, which is what creating (self-expression) is all about. Through art making we exercise our right to make our own unique and creative 'thumbprint' on the world.

Private and group sessions are available.

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